What Families Are Saying About Music Together®:

 "My girls have grown in this program leaps and bounds -- this past semester especially.  Both are so excited to leave on Tuesday mornings to go to "mooosic class."  Furthermore, they have taken to singing the songs on their own (I actually have endless video of our baby monitor, no less, because they wake every morning and put on a little concert running through all of their songs!!)  In the car they have begun requesting songs... even songs from past semesters!!  I also find it so charming the way they sing their scales (which are at the end of many songs on the cd) or the way they can keep a beat so well at two years old!!  The program is wonderful!!  Wonderful." 

Peggy Sawala, Westport, CT


"Music Together has been an essential part of my daughter's speech and language development. Gracie was born profoundly deaf in both ears. She received her first cochlear implant about 6 months ago and is due to receive the other next month. Music Together's approach follows along with the acquisition of language skills, from the simplest form to the most complex, making it the perfect platform to reinforce Gracie's language development. Gracie now alerts to many different tonal sounds, sways her body to music and had begun to babble...a true miracle for a child that heard her first sounds 6 months ago!  I could not be more thankful for the support and knowledge I have gained by being part of this amazing program!"

Casey Famigletti


" My kids love music together. I now attend classes with my third child, but my older two who are in school beg to come to the class with the baby!  " My  friends and I refer to our instructor  as the "pied piper" because the kids are so into the class." 

Mindy Nagorsky-Israel

"I have participated in MTFC with all 3 of my boys.  My youngest is currently enrolled.  I have memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. Each of my children have 3 unique personalities and have all enjoyed participating. At times I have seen immediate results. Clapping to the beat, dancing. Other times I have seen MT's influence  Days, months or years later. For example my oldest would observe. I did not know if it was sinking in until we got home, he would play the CD and sing along.  Our instructor, who is fantastic, would say use the book. Sing and point to the music notes. I did that, even though I have a terrible voice, my son was 20 months,  he opened a hymn book in church pointed to the notes and started singing. He knew that notes were music! I am so happy that my boys can move to the beat and are happy singing along. I also learned more about music  and helpful hints to help my boys. I am so happy that I took part in this class."

MT Parent


"We started Music Together  when my daughter was just 3 months old  - She is now 2 and we haven't missed a semester. Claire loves the music and I love everything that it teaches in addition to basic musical concepts - animal noises, counting, opposites - you name it! Out instructor  amazing with the kids and is able to keep the class engaged and orderly with even the toughest toddlers! It's an experience that I look forward to sharing with my daughter each week."

 Katie McCormick, Rowayton


"This is my tenth year and now bringing my ninth grandchild in Music Together. It has been a pure joy for all of us. Music Together nurtures their love of music and forms family bonds that last a lifetime."

Melanie Barnard, New Canaan, CT 06840


" Sabrina has been part of Music Together of Fairfield County since she was a baby (she’s now over two and a half), and she (as well as I) thoroughly enjoy our weekly music class! We have experienced Steve, CJ and most recently Ali. All of whom have totally different styles, yet convincingly get the same message across. They are truly top notch teachers! Their music brings a lot of joy to our lives. And I can certainly recommend you enroll your child into the program as early on as possible…. " 

Fiona Porter, Darien CT.


"I am truly amazed at how much my children love music together.  My 4 year old (who doesn't take the class anymore since he is in school) still sings the songs and hums the beats regularly and my twins are having a blast in the class."

MT Parent


"A few years ago, my two children and I were introduced to Music Together by a friend.  After one semester, we were hooked and have been enrolled ever since!  Each semester holds new musical experiences and education.  It’s been amazing to watch my children evolve from rocking to the beat to actually playing in time on the gathering drum.  The Music Together songs have been incorporated into our daily lives and our children’s bedtime routines; we’ll have these precious memories forever.  The Music Together program has not only given our children a fantastic musical foundation, but has also been a wonderful bonding experience for us to enjoy together and build upon." 

MT Parent


"Putting our two children in Music Together was one of the best decisions we made for our children.  It has truly enriched their lives.  Watching their musical development through the years is an amazing process and we would strongly recommend it to anyone without reservation."  

 Chris and Luisa Nanos, Stamford, CT


"My daughter started Music Together at 6 months old and has made some great friends through the program. My younger son now attends and loves it just as much. The teachers are so wonderful and energetic  and have made my three years attending so memorable and enjoyable!"

Sheri Cronk, Stamford, CT


"I did MT with both of my boys (ages 2-5).  My boys  are now ages 7 and 9.  MT was such a great thing, and when my boys were too old, and in school, I started looking for the next step in music for them, because I knew I had to keep the ideals of MT alive.  So now my boys are drumming, playing piano, and playing horns in a funky kids band.  It is fantastic.  MT was a great thing for me as a mom because it gave me an opportunity to dance (I used to dance professionally) and a chance to sing ( I always thought I was a hopeless case, but MT taught me otherwise)  What could be more important than music and dance when we are all TOO PLUGGED IN, and way too sedentary.  Thank You MT.  My boys still love to sing and play some of the MT tunes."

Jill Esterson